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A Grave Misunderstanding

To seek more information about the symbol of Gashanka found on the charm the PCs set out for Duke Wellington's Keep, the closest thing to law this far out from civilization. Along the way they run into Richard Zaddinar's gang of brigands, whom control the bridge accessing the town of Harrion. Zulu and Tok whipped them into a religious vigour, while Shaolin and NICK stole their loot and ran off to warn Harrion of the impending raid. The townsfolk and count's guards answered the call to arms and sent their non-combatants to the keep. Tok diffused the situation after a brief theology debate  between Zulu and himself about the murder of innocents. Zulu went with the brigands to slay an owlbear while Tok went to Harrion to find the rest of his party and tell the townsfolk about the misunderstanding.  The party is taken to the keep to be tried before the Duke, Jamas Wellington, and found not guilty but of mild suspicion. Shaolin stole a shield and a pair of enchanted swords from the duke. The party now seeks answers about the cult.

Cult Routed

A dastardly cult in Therrifell was all but destroyed with the surviving initiates fleeing. A Grick was summoned to destroy the interloping player characters, but killed. 2 doses of McGraham's Special Reserve Dragon Phallus  Whiskey (DC 20) were used during the fight, 6 remain. NICK went on a whiskey fueled vision quest and saw Steve. The PCs found a scary looking book, a mysterious charm, and an enchanted Falchion, and some useless tat.


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